The Indian Experience Dance Package

The Indian Experience Dance Package is a dance sampler allowing a student to experience 3 different styles of dance over a 4-6 month period in either a private or group setting. It's an excellent way for a student to try different dance styles all under one roof with a familiar face. This program can serve as a great introduction to Indian dance, but can also be tailored to the experienced dancer looking to enhance his/her current dance skills, and, for those individuals looking for physical fitness through dance training. 

Suitable class levels will be suggested by the Director based on the student's current dance abilities/experience. 3 classes, 1 hour each, per week (total 3 hours per week).*Please note some dance styles are only available through private lessons. Limited spots for private training.

Available styles you can learn:





Indo-Hip- Hop Fusion

Rajasthani Folk

Semi-Classical (based on Kathak style)

Contemporary style Indian dance

Private Lessons

Regular Price: $260/month

SALE: $210/month (start as early as August 2017)

Group Lessons:

Regular Price: $225/month

SALE: $175/month (Start in September 2017)

Combo Private plus Group pricing will depend on styles chosen!

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Ph: 780-499-0866
Location of classes: 4935 - 55 Ave NW, Edmonton AB Suite 206.


Add one monthly private yoga session, guided meditation or stretch fitness class to your package for only $10 additional per month.

Add weekly private yoga, guided meditation or stretch fitness class to your package for only $35 additional per month. 

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Ph: 780-499-0866


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