Dancing to Infinity & Beyond!

In Kathak dance we do an unique pattern of movement that my teacher calls the 'figure 8.' It's a stylized way of moving across the dance floor. When you see the image from "above" that is "created" as the dancer glides across the floor, it is the shape of 'infinity.


To do this movement, we make 2 circles using the same pattern of footwork repeated. Here's the key - the dancer must always move forwards in order to execute this pattern correctly and end up in the position they need to be in for their next step.


Isn't this just like life? Hell yeah. 


Infinity "is a concept describing something without any bound(1)"; 


What is unique about Kathak and how it is different from many other dance forms is the consistent use of mathematics in the footwork patterns and how they are executed over another mathematical set of musical rhythms/patterns. 


The concept of infinity is used in all the forms of science and philosophy all around the world. And here it appears in my dance form of Kathak. 


Infinite means limitless. Just like our potential. Just like our capacity to learn. Just like our ability to contribute positively to the lives others. Just like Divinity or God. And as many Indians believe, Divinity lies within us...and therefore we are limitless.


I love Kathak. 


I'm totally enjoying my evolution as a dance instructor. Why am so over-passionate that it scares people?? -Lol! Well, I'm still working on reigning in my passionate teaching style, but every day that I speak in dance classes, I hear myself saying profound things I didn't used to notice before when I was younger- and I have to thank my Yoga background, my Indian Classical Dance Training background, and increased maturity each year. 


It is so very common to hear me say in my classes to students of all ages things like:


"Become aware of what your body is doing."


"We're always moving forward, not backwards..."


"Dance with your mind/brain first, and then with your body - because your mind controls your body - not the other way around..."


"What you think up here [gesturing to head] is what will be expressed."


"BE strong!"


"You got this!"


"When we uncover a mistake, pay close attention to how we can fix it, and move on..."


"Let yourself dance!'


And although, some people come just for fun, I truly believe dance and yoga are the best forms of activity for ultimate health of the mind and spirit. 


Join us in the challenge of Kathak and see the impact on your life! www.SAAmovement.com


(1) Source: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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