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Do you need choreography for your special event? We can do that. Please call 780-499-0866 or email"> for a quote. Solo lessons start at $35-40/hour. Group rates are negotiable depending on the circumstances and size of the group.

Do you want regular PRIVATE DANCE LESSONS / TUITION in a professional studio environment? We can do that too. There are some of us that just want to follow our own schedule, and do our own thing. That's totally cool! Here our some of our packages for private solo Kathak, Bollywood, Hip-Hop-Fusion or Bhangra-Fusion dance lessons for 4-5 lessons per month (group rates not listed - negotiable - contact for further info): All private lessons take place at the West Edmonton Studio (92 ave and 152 st)

$140 / month for a 4 month term.

$120 / month for an 8 month term.

$100 / month fora 12 month term.

Group Private Lessons (2 or more dancers) is a FLAT rate of $23 per person per hour.

Lessons provided by a qualified and experienced instructor.

To book your lessons, please email">

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