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Celebrity Endorsements


"Ashley is a sweetheart, she is such an amazing dancer, performer and yoga instructor. We had her perform a famous bollywood number, to open our grand show at Western Canada Fashion Week, and I must say,  she was just like a treat to watch. She has always supported our endeavours when we were in Edmonton. We wish her lots of love and success in her SAAM movement! "

Parvesh Jai

Internationally Renown Fashion Designers

Vancouver, BC


"Hi Ashley, thanks so much for letting us film at the SAAM Studios. Also, thanks for the tour. For us SAAM has been a great location and seeing so many students, instructors, and an overall professional atmosphere it really surprised us. Keep it up, you're the best!"

Sorin Mihailovici

Actor, Co-Creator and Producer of the show Travel By Dart, Producer for CityTV, and Owner of the Scam Detector

Edmonton, AB

Client Testimonials

" I was one of the attendees of your 10th Annual dance show been hosted by your organisation SAAM on June-17th @ Alberta Avenue Community Centre.  I was also fortunate enough to witness your other performance in collaboration with Native Canadians.  After knowing about your journey in last 10 years, I could not resist myself to sharing my thoughts ... Your team of Emcees portrayed very well that how you started your dance studio from your basement and eventually reaching here after all those struggling years. I must acknowledge your hard work, persistence, your commitment towards your dance and positive attitude which enabled you to have all these breakthroughs.

   You are sharing and teaching  your art of dance not only to your own community but with many others from different cultural , religious and communities back grounds and it was so exciting to see them performing at one platform. The best part of the show to see big smile on all those parents faces whose very young kids (3-6 yrs.) were performing. I would like to thank you for who you are and for making a huge difference by bringing great talent from different backgrounds under one umbrella. We wish you good luck for all your projects."

"I attended online internet-based dance lessons with Ashley to help prepare a dance performance for my friend's wedding! With good internet and audio connections on both sides, we had our 1:1 classes via Skype.


This was my first time learning a dance online, and it wasn't difficult at all! In fact, it saved me time learning it online in the comfort of my own home! Ashley, was able to see my movements and provide critique while learning the steps. Ashley also offered flexibility to change certain dance steps depending on my comfort level. After learning majority of the the dance online,


I attended a few 1:1 sessions at her beautiful studio to further perfect the dance performance with more expressions (my weakness) and learn a few more steps to close the performance. Upon completion of learning the dance from Ashley, I was very pleased with the outcome of the performance. Ashley has an eye for perfection and pays close attention to detail. I highly recommend online sessions for solo performances, it saved me time and money!"

Deepak Chopra

 Event Patron, Realtor

Edmonton, AB

Sheena Jaisingh

2016, Client

Miami, Florida

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