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Yoga, Fitness, Workshops, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Life-Coaching and more...

Ashley has been training and teaching clients since 2010. She is a Can-Fit-Pro certified Personal Trainer specializing in giving her clients the one-on-one attention they deserve. She is an experienced group fitness instructor and is a

RYT200 Yoga Alliance registered teacher, as well as Certified Life Coach. Heart disease is hereditary in her family and seeing her grandfather, grandmother, and her father go through severe health issues motivated her to take care of herself. Ashley is a trained dancer and hence issues including knees and hips have affected her life, but with a focus on wellness inside and out, especially through Yogic practice, Ashley intends to live life to the fullest and dance until she is 80 years old! Join her amazing classes. 

Professional Music Mixing by Ashley Anjlien Kumar -

Do you need to put together a special song or mix several songs together with maybe your voice incorporated into it, or special sound effects? Don't have the time to do it yourself? Take advantage of Ashley's 8 years of mixing experience and she can make that special musical compliation come to life.  Pricing will vary from $10-$30 per mix.  Call her at 780-499-0866.

Travel Gurus

Real People. Real Deals. Why Book Anywhere Else?

Younique Glamologist - Kia Bhaidani

Your make-up and skincare expert!




Do you like any of the costumes on our webpage? Costume rentals are available to small groups and individuals want to use costumes in performances. Costumes are usually not "one size fits all" so there is no guarantee. Please contact Ashley at 780-499-0866.



Program Description: SAAM Artist Management Agreement (Pilot Project)

Call Ashley at 780-499-0866 to learn more!


This program allows artists and artistic groups to start teaching classes related to the South Asian performing arts, or to engage in Performance Opportunities throughout Alberta, while retaining a unique identity by harnessing the power, branding and resources that SAAM has to offer with no upfront costs or investments by essentially allowing SAAM to be the Artistic Manager .


Potential Benefits for program participants:

  • Artistic promotion.

  • Opportunities to participate in projects that may not have been otherwise accessible to the Artist.

  • Reduced hourly studio rental rate.

  • Access to substitute teachers.

  • Access to capital resources whose approximate valuation based on actual cost of goods and services nears $65,000 annually including things like advertising campaigns, POS terminals, online forms, SOCAN fees, insurance and more!

  • Performance booking services.

  • Prevents unnecessary duplication in the operations of an arts facility.

  • Opportunity to collaborate with other artists/groups that are affiliated with SAAM.

  • Understanding of #ArtistsHelpingArtists: in a small and increasingly competitive dance and performing arts market in Edmonton, where Artists are vying for the same small niche, #ArtistsHelpingArtists aims to foster nurturing and mutually beneficial relationships which promote and increase the awareness of the variety of South Asian Performing Arts across Canada.


*Only selected talented artists and artist groups will be considered after they meet the criteria to participate in the program.

Charity of Choice:

Just because SAAM is a registered non-profit, doesn't mean we don't support other important charities in our country!


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