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1. Our instructors have won several Edmonton Arts Council (EAC) / City of Edmonton Grants / awards and other honours and medals.

2. Our Artistic Director is a noteable community member with several accomplishments under her belt including the prestigious Top 40 Under 40 award, and our Board of Directors join us with a high level of achievement and strong connection to the performing arts.


3. Our focus is #NotJustEntertainment, but #RealArt, with a goal of boosting both the South Asian Arts and South Asian Artists in Edmonton and across Canada. Our focus is to not only build dance skills in our students, but LIFE SKILLS, while imparting a cultural connection and encouraging diversity and acceptance in our goal to reach the mainstream with our art forms.

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"Hi Ashley!! I just want to let you know that my day job is soooo stressful and Kathak has been such a godsend for me!! That's why I get so giggly in class, it's my stress releasing :). Thank you for being an awesome teacher...I love how down-to-earth and light-hearted you are! Wish we could have class everyday, haha."

-Samaa Ali

"Hi Ashley, thanks so much for letting us film at the SAAM Studio. Also, thanks for the tour. For us SAAM has been a great location and seeing so many students, instructors, and an overall professional atmosphere - really surprised us. Keep it up, you're the best!"

Sorin Mihailovici - Actor, Co-Creator & Producer of Television Show Travel By Dart, Owner of Scam Detector

"I enjoy your classes not only because I get to "dance" but also because you're professional in your dealings, a very good instructor, and just so enterprising!"

Shufen Edmonstone, Student

- Samaa Ali



​SAAM started its original operations as a community based organization on February 10th,  2007. The original founder, Ashley Kumar, wanted to provide a collective focused approach to provide learning & performing opportunities for students and established artists in Edmonton. SAAM is a non-profit organization.


SAAM’s values are to:

  • Teach quality dance, music, vocal and dramatic arts classes to students.

  • Help organizations and individuals stay connected to their heritage and culture in Canada.

  • Increase awareness and knowledge about the South Asian performing arts.

  • Promote multi-culturalism.

  • Provide artistic growth and learning opportunities to all interested patrons.

  • Contributing positively to the lives of others.



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